All work is done by Sonny.  He doesn't outsource.
95% of the times, orders are shipped in the same day.
Emails are answered fast, often within the hour.
If there's any type of issue, Sonny is on top of it right away.
14 days no question asked return policy.

Why Velcro & Strap?

Well, it just makes more sense and very practical.
No need to drill holes in fender.
Adjust the position of the battery up or down instantly.
Can be used on-board or in a backpack instantly.
When no need for extra range, fender is clear.
Entire set-up can be moved from 1 Onewheel to another instantly.
Battery sits lower with the thin plate.                                                          



What is the difference between PnR and VnR?

PnR is Plug & Ride and 100% Plug & Play.  But it only works on boards with hardware 3206 or earlier.  To find out, check the app under settings.

VnR is Vamp & Ride and it's pretty close to Plug & Play.  It only requires opening the connectors box, not the battery module, and tapping into the main leads.  A very simple process.  This method works on any model.