(UPDATED) Slider - XR/Plus
(UPDATED) Slider - XR/Plus
(UPDATED) Slider - XR/Plus
(UPDATED) Slider - XR/Plus
(UPDATED) Slider - XR/Plus

(UPDATED) Slider - XR/Plus

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5/6/20 update:  Rear handle is no longer included and the price has been slightly lowered.  Based on buyers feedback,  some prefer different type/color while others prefer no handle at all.  Jeep handles are available on amazon/ebay and are easy to install.


The Slider unit is a custom-built front-mounted solid steel frame that holds the Slider Wheels for protection against nose to ground slide-outs.
These ball bearing sleeved wheels are most effective in moderate speed mishaps when over acceleration can cause the front to dip and the wheels prevent a nosedive, hitting an unexpected bump or pothole, or going uphill where the likelihood of a nosedive is increased.
2 X 80mm wheels use high precision 4 X Abec bearings for maximized safety.  
Installs in 5 minutes. Weighs about 2 lbs.
The space between the axle mounted wheels provides a convenient front grab handle.
Please watch the videos below.

Practicing slides is fun and helps you gain a sense of the Slider benefits and limits.
Please note: High-speed nose dives are unpredictable with or without Slider.  Slider will give you an advantage in nose dive situations, but it is important to remember that Slider cannot guarantee protection in all circumstances.  Just like seat belts and airbags, they offer limited protection.
Learning the board and wearing safety gear such as helmet and wrist guards is highly recommended.
Best of all, Onewheel can be enjoyed at a slow to moderate speed.