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It all started with CnR.

While the terms may sound confusing/intimidating, they're actually easy to understand.

CnR for Charge & Ride.  You're charging Onewheel while riding, through the charge port with a modified connector.  Usually using a booster to up the voltage from a lower voltage battery to match Onwheel's battery.

PnR for Plug & Ride.  You're using same voltage battery as Onewheel's, thus eliminating the need for a booster.  This method will only top the stock battery as it depletes, until both batteries run out.

VnR for Vamp & Ride came after FM disabled CnR/PnR.  Bypassing the charging circuits altogether, and straight into the connector's box.  Most popular method thus far.  Using same voltage battery, it runs in parallel with stock battery.  No need to open battery module.

RnR for Roll & Ride came after FM disabled VnR.  Works just like VnR but requires opening the battery module and tapping behind the BMS with tiny pins since there's no space for Posi-Taps.


As of this writing, 2/29/2020, CnR/PnR will work with all V1's, and Pluses with firmware 3206 or earlier, and XR with 4206 firmware only.

VnR will work on all V1's and Pluses.  All XR's except hardware 4210..

VnR will work on Pint with 5042 firmware.

RnR will work on all Pints.


Most common question is:  Can I connect fully charged battery when Onewheel is empty?

- That's called hot swapping and is not recommended.  When you connect a fully charged battery, a rush of current will go into the depleted battery and it will affect its health/lifespan.  20% voltage difference between the 2 batteries is okay.


Why is VnR the most preferred method?

-  All high range electric personal transportations run several packs in parallel.  VnR is no different.  It takes about 10 minutes to install and increase the range to as many external batteries as you can carry.  EGO 7.5 will add 16-20 miles on a Plus.  Greenworks 5.0 will double the XR range.


Is it okay to charge EGO/Greenworks with the Onewheel charger?

- Yes.  Tool batteries have a built in BMS and will charge/discharge through the BMS.  It will take longer to charge of course.  Some will use the EGO/Greenworks charger for a faster charge.  But if you're not sure about charging with Onewheel charger, simply use its own charger.