EGO Origin

For few years, many wondered if an external battery can be used on the Onewheel to extend range.

Sonny had already added an external battery on his electric skateboard to add range and believed there's no reason why it can't be done on Onewheel.

Sure enough, he figured out a way and posted about it on Facebook 'Onewheel Owners Group'.

Shortly after, he started building and selling battery packs while making 'how to' YT videos about different ways to connect external batteries.

Someone by the name of Dyre Beck on the FB group realized that the EGO tool battery has the same voltage as the Onewheel and modded it to his board.  He shared his experience with the group.

Since external battery installation required opening the battery module, many weren't comfortable doing that.  There's also the risk of damaging components during the installation process.

At about the same time, a person from the San Francisco Onewheel Group figured out a way to charge the board while riding.  CnR for Charge & Ride became very popular since it didn't require opening the battery module.  This method required a donor battery and charger.

Fast forward a year or so, Mike Mueller discovered that the stock battery can be topped from another battery with the same voltage via the charge port and PnR or Plug & Ride was born.  This method eliminated the need for a charger.

Subsequently, Future Motion the company that makes Onewheel disabled CnR/PnR.

That didn't stop Mike from digging further and he came up with VnR or Vamp & Ride, which is tapping into the main leads in the connectors box.  While not as plug and play as CnR/PnR, it's still much easier/safer than opening up the battery module.

In short, it was a collaborative effort of several people to improve the experience of Onewheel.