Oneshock Pint
Oneshock Pint
Oneshock Pint

Oneshock Pint

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Note: This kit is only compatible with stock rails on Onewheel Pint or Pint X.

Custom built from steel.  Weighs 3 lbs.

Complete kit with DNM-AOY36RC Air Shock Absorber.


The Oneshock Suspension Kit is the result of months of trial and error progress through prototype development.  Much of this developmental work involved solutions to critically tight clearances where safety and reliability are critical.


Each kit is designed to be mounted on the board to ensure proper clearances and ease of installation. The air shock absorber adjusts to the rider's weight, and can also be adjusted for the kind of ride you prefer, soft bouncy travel to tight and firm travel.

Installation is straightforward.  If you can use a power drill, you can install this kit. Please watch the video below to see the installation process.

Riding a Onewheel with suspension transforms the Onewheeling experience, the ride becomes super smooth. You feel the difference on any riding surface.  If you ever miss your old board with no suspension the air shock can be locked down.  But, from my experience in developing this suspension system, there is no going back, the difference is just too great.