Pint VnR2 (Backpack)
Pint VnR2 (Backpack)

Pint VnR2 (Backpack)

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NOTE: Greenworks battery is not included.

Greenworks, Powerworks, Jialitt, Snapper, 60V are all compatible.
You will need 60V. Any other will not work. 5ah will almost triple the Pint range.
Powerworks 60V can be found on Amazon.

This mod will void warranty.

VnR2 will work with firmware 5042 fine.
VnR2 will work with all other firmwares but you will need to keep app disconnected while riding. You can still check app, but you'll need to disconnect VnR.  If you need to check speed/distance, Strava is a good app with many features.

When ordering, please make sure you include email so I can send you 'heads up' info.

-What is VnR2?
VnR2 is a modification to your board that allows the connection of an external battery to extend the overall range.

-Why the pins method?
VnR or Vamp & Ride became very popular on Onewheel Plus and XR for the ease of installation. It's basically Vamping/Biting into the main leads inside the connector's box to allow for a second battery to be connected. This avoids messing around with the BMS connections and risk bricking your board.
The same method had been applied to the Pint, but through the battery module. The pins replace the Posi-Taps since there's very little space to work with. It's a safe install and there's no need to touch the BMS (Battery Management System). By the time you're finished, it's like you haven't done anything.

- Why tool batteries?
Tool batteries are professionally built to last with top quality cells. They are also contained in a well protected casing that can take a good beating.
They're also very affordable since they're mass produced.
Fortunately, the Greenworks 60V line matches the Onewheel XR and Pint voltage and the EGO 56V line matches the Onewheel Plus voltage.

Advantages of VnR2 kit:
* Use it on fender or backpack instantly.
* Use 1 or more batteries in parallel for up to 60 miles in 1 shot.
* Move it to another Pint instantly, just need VnR2 cable on the other Pint.
* Share the same battery with an XR, just need VnR cable on the XR.
* When not in use, your Pint is back to how it was, only with a cable ready for external battery.
* Got Flight Fins on? Place battery over Fin, or simply opt for backpack kit.
* Vamping into the main leads is the safest install. Over 1500 VnR kits out there between the XR, Plus, V1 and Pint.

* Support/help until you have it up and running.

VnR2 invloves no Posi-Taps and no taking off the plastic wall. Fairly easy installation. Complete instructions/video will be included.
Battery can be charged while connected to board or with the Greenworks charger for faster charge.
Complete kit, only thing you need is Greenworks battery.
Greenworks battery adapter with all the hardware needed for VnR, Vamp & Ride.
VnR2 Cable.
Extender adapter cable to be inserted into battery.
Reinforcement straps.
65" cable.

Tools needed:
- Torx T30, T20 and T8 6 points.
- Torx TS20 5 points.
- Medium size half round wood file.

This is the original installation video with the Posi Taps. The kit has been upgraded with the pins method. More installation info will be provided with the kit.