*UPDATED please read* Pint VnR2 (Backpack)
*UPDATED please read* Pint VnR2 (Backpack)

*UPDATED please read* Pint VnR2 (Backpack)

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NOTE: Greenworks battery is not included.

Greenworks or Powerworks 60V battery is needed. You will need 60V. Any other will not work. 5.0 will add another 15 miles more or less. 2.5 will add 6-7 miles.

This mod will void warranty.

VnR2 will work on firmware 5042 with no disruption.
VnR2 will work on other firmwares with minor disruption. As long as you don't open app, you will have no issues. If you open app, you will need to reboot. Easily manageable. Some will install an app for map and distance.
VnR2 invloves no Posi-Taps and no taking off the plastic wall. Fairly easy installation. Complete instructions/video will be included.

Battery can be charged while conneted to board or with the Greenworks charger.
Complete kit, only thing you need is Greenworks battery.

Greenworks battery adapter with all the hardware for backpack use.
VnR2 Cable.
Extender adapter cable to be inserted into Greenworks/Powerworks battery.
Reinforcement battery straps.
65" cable.

Tools needed:
- Torx T30, T20 and T8 6 points.
- Torx TS20 5 points.
- Medium size half round wood file.