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Lets face it!  A nose-dive on Onewheel can be violent.  

SLIDER can help in low speed mishaps like over accelerating where the front dips down and slide back up, hitting an unexpected bump or pothole, over pressing going uphill, random shut-off and sensor pad malfunction.

Bigger diameter wheels are used in front of the pad for the best chance of a slide-out.

Custom built Stainless Steel frame with openings for lights.
The 4 X 80mm wheels are more forgiving off-road and on grass and use 8 X Abec bearings for maximized safety.  
Installs in under 5 minutes.
Weighs under 2 lbs.
PLEASE NOTE No device ‘works’ during a high-speed nosedive. The momentum will almost always overtake the front. While forward wheels may give you the best chance, this in no way should be regarded as a reason to go fast. The best nose-dive prevention is allowing time to learn the board and build confidence very gradually. Helmet and protective gear are highly recommended.